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The Eye See…Eye Learn Program

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The Eye See…Eye Learn® program provides eye exams by Doctors of Optometry to children in JK. London is one of the regions in Ontario participating in this very valuable program. Eye exams are covered by the provincial health insurance plan (OHIP) to all children under the age of 20 who have a valid health card. This means no out-of-pocket expenses for a parent to ensure their child’s vision and ocular health is on par.
Furthermore, should your child require a pair of glasses, they will receive a FREE pair of glasses donated by OGI eyewear, Nikon Lenswear and your local Doctor of Optometry. The value of these glasses is over $250. To see some of the frames included in this deal visit OGI Eyewear.
Each and every year there are thousands of children that start school without ever receiving an eye exam. The Eye See…Eye Learn® program was developed to raise awareness among parents and teachers about the importance of having children’s eyes checked upon starting school.
Children who are unable to see the board, or have trouble focusing on reading and math, may struggle to reach their full learning potential in school. Vision problems can furthermore impact hand-eye coordination and other physical activities impacting a child’s social development. 80% of learning comes directly through vision; Don’t let your child fall behind.
The Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) and your Doctor of Optometry recognizes the important link between eye health and learning. They recommend a comprehensive eye examination for all children entering kindergarten, and every year thereafter until they reach an age of 20.
The Eye See…Eye Learn® program will help make sure our kindergarten students get the best start to learning.
The program is funded in part by the Government Ontario.

Written by
Dr. Wes McCann

Dr. McCann earned his two Bachelor of Science degrees (both with honours) at Western University in London, Ontario, before going on to earn his Bachelor of Vision Science, accelerated MBA, and Doctor of Optometry degrees at the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) of Optometry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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