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Central Optometry is proud to deliver leading-edge solutions with the help of our incredible range of state-of-the-art technology. Our dedication towards treating and managing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) earned our practice the distinction of being an AMD Centre of Excellence from the Macular Degeneration Association.

The help you need is only an appointment away. If you believe you might exhibit AMD symptoms, please contact our team today, and we will design a treatment plan that suits your needs.

What is AMD?

Age-related macular degeneration, also known as AMD or macular degeneration, is an eye disease that generally develops due to ageing, genetics, or outside factors like smoking. It is one of the leading causes of blindness in adults over 55 and older.

AMD develops with no noticeable symptoms in its early stages. Over time, however, the disease will slowly damage your macula, the central part of your retina responsible for providing your central vision.

As it develops, you may experience difficulties reading, driving, or even recognizing faces. In advanced stages, it can cause blindness.

There are 2 common types of AMD:

Dry AMD is the most common form of the disease. It occurs when small, yellowish deposits, called drusen, develop underneath your macula, slowly thinning it over time.

Some symptoms you may experience include:

  • Visual distortions, such as straight lines bending
  • Difficulty seeing in low light
  • Words blurring when you read them
  • Fading colours
  • Needing more light when reading

Even though wet AMD occurs in only 10% of macular degeneration patients, it is responsible for causing 90% of all AMD-related blindness. This disease occurs when delicate blood vessels begin to form underneath your macula and retina. Over time, these vessels can break and leak blood and other fluids, damaging your macula permanently.

Wet AMD can happen rapidly, making it a medical emergency. It can cause a range of sudden symptoms, including:

  • Fading colours
  • Glare from lights
  • Distortion in your vision
  • Dark spots in your central vision

Diagnosing AMD

Central Optometry uses the latest technology to detect and treat AMD. Our focus on providing cutting-edge solutions for our patients has earned us the distinction of being an AMD Centre of Excellence.

Some of the technology we use include:

Ocular coherence tomography (OCT) is a specialized imaging technology used to take highly-detailed images of your macula and retina. OCTs are similar to an ultrasound, but instead of using sound, OCTs use light to generate cross-sectional images of your retina.

AdaptDx Pro is the next generation of dark adaptation testing. This wearable device easily determines how well your eyes adapt to changing lighting conditions and is suitable to wear in any light thanks to its comfortable eyecups and hygienic comfort guards that block out any outside light.

With the help of our technicians and a unique built-in AI system, we can quickly and accurately detect signs of AMD.

AMD is also a genetic disease. To ensure we are accurately diagnosing and providing solutions for all our patients, we also offer a genetic testing program from Arctic Medical Laboratories that can measure your risk of developing AMD.

Genetic testing is quick and only requires a simple swab from the inside of your cheek. We will then send your sample to a lab for processing and provide you with the results within 4 weeks!

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From annual eye exams to dry eye therapy, we take care of our patients’ eyes no matter their needs. By tailoring our approach to each individual, we are able to better preserve your ocular health.

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