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Dry Eye Therapy

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eyes can cause more than just discomfort; if left untreated, they can cause corneal damage. If you suffer from dry eyes, Central Optometry is here to help. We will not only offer you relief from your symptoms; we will also get to the root of the problem so that we can create a custom treatment plan to give you long-lasting relief.

Are you looking for sustained relief from your dry eyes?

Dry Eye Symptoms

Symptoms of dry eyes may include:

  • Tired eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • A gritty or foreign body sensation
  • Stringy discharge
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Increased sensitivity to glare, particularly at night
  • Itchy or scratchy eyes

Our Dry Eye Assessment

Dry eyes can have a variety of root causes. To determine the cause of your dry eyes, and create a tailored treatment or management plan to meet your needs, we offer comprehensive dry eye assessments. Your optometrist will perform a series of tests using cutting-edge equipment to assess your eyes and determine the best course of action.

If your eyes feel dry and irritated, please take our dry eye pre-screening quiz to determine if dry eyes may be the cause.

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What Causes Dry Eye

Dry eyes are caused by two main factors: inadequate tear volume and poor tear quality. Our eyes depend on a healthy and balanced tear film to stay lubricated. When we aren’t able to produce enough tears or the tears we do produce are poor quality, our eyes become dry and irritated.

Tear Drop Illustration Inadequate Tear Volume

Inadequate Tear Volume

Our bodies produce tears using several different glands located in and around our eyelids. As we age, our eyes aren’t able to produce as many tears as they once did, which can cause dry eyes. Some medical conditions and medications can also impact tear production.

Environmental factors can also cause dry eyes. Even if we can produce enough tears, dry air or windy weather can cause our tears to evaporate too quickly.

Tear Drop Illustration Poor Tear Quality

Poor Tear Quality

Tears are made up of three main ingredients: meibum (a type of oil), water, and mucin. Meibum is the outer tear layer, forming a thin protective barrier and preventing our tears from evaporating too quickly. Mucin helps our tears spread evenly across the surface of our eyes, protecting our corneas. If our tears evaporate too quickly, or our tears are not uniformly distributed, it can result in dry eyes.

Services We Offer

From annual eye exams to dry eye therapy, we take care of our patients’ eyes no matter their needs. By tailoring our approach to each individual, we are able to better preserve your ocular health.

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We understand that your life is busy, but we also know the importance of regular visits to the optometrist. That’s why we offer some evening hours, and are open most Saturdays.

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