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Colour Blindness & Enhancement in London Ontario

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Addressing Colour Blindness at Central Optometry

While many individuals living with colour vision deficiencies (also known as colour blindness) may believe that full-colour vision is beyond their reach, recent technological advances are helping colour-blind individuals see the world in a new light.

We offer EnChroma lenses to help our patients address colour vision deficiencies. Our team will explain the benefits of these lenses and help determine if EnChroma lenses are a suitable option for you. 

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What Is Colour Blindness?

Our eyes use two types of specialized cells for vision: rods and cones. Each cone cell is programmed to detect either red, green, or blue light and send that information to our brains.

Colour blindness is a condition that occurs in people who have an imbalance in the light-sensitive pigments that detect one of the three colours or don’t have enough functional cones to detect all three colours equally.

A Closer Look at Colour Blindness

The cone cells that our eyes use for vision are located in the macula and are responsible for detecting colour. Colour blindness causes our brains to misinterpret two distinct colours as one colour, resulting in visual confusion.

Colour blindness affects millions of people across the globe. Men are significantly more likely to experience colour blindness (a 1 in 12 chance) as opposed to women (a 1 in 200 chance). Most individuals with colour blindness can see colour but are not able to easily differentiate between select colours.

Individuals with red-green colour blindness often have trouble differentiating between shades of red or green, both of which appear as a muddy brown colour. This may occur because their red and green sensing cones have more overlap than usual.

Treating Colour Blindness with EnChroma

Patients with an imbalance in their functional cone types (typically related to red and green colour deficiencies) can consider using EnChroma spectacle lenses

These unique lenses use multi-notch filtering to selectively filter out wavelengths of light that cause visual confusion or where excessive overlap of colour sensitivity occurs. The M (Green) and L (Red) photoreceptor cones are altered so that there is a greater amount of difference in colour discrimination along the “confusion line” for that individual.

EnChroma lenses are specially designed to reduce red-green colour blindness.

Take the EnChroma Colour Vision Test

Are you wondering if you might have colour blindness? The EnChroma colour vision test can help determine if your colour vision is deficient. Take the test below to find out.

Creative Solutions at Central Optometry

Colour blindness can be complicated to deal with, but you’re not alone. Our team at Central Optometry has the experience and expertise to help you address vision colour deficiency. 

Schedule your appointment online today to see how EnChroma lenses can make a difference.

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