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Neurolens: Everything You Need to Know

A young woman holding spectacles above her nose with both hands and looking towards her extreme left.

When people think of vision problems, they often think of the common refractive errors affecting focus, but other less known conditions can affect vision quality too. This includes binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), and digital eye strain.  These ocular concerns can be corrected with tools like visual therapy or blue light eyeglass coatings. NeuroLens is a […]

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What Is Commonly Misdiagnosed as Pink Eye?

A close-up of a young boy's eyes that are red due to pink eye.

Eye discomfort can be recognized by the whites of our eyes turning pink. Some individuals may use “pink eye” as an umbrella term for anything that causes the eye to appear red or pink due to inflammation or infection.  Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is not an umbrella term for any irritation of the eyes. Several other […]

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When to Start Myopia Management?

A small girl wearing glasses and looking into her ipad at a close distance

Myopia or nearsightedness is on the rise globally, reaching what some experts consider epidemic proportions among children and young adults. Myopia management is not only about corrective lenses, high myopia or severe nearsightedness can lead to numerous vision-threatening conditions.  Starting myopia management as early as possible when a child presents with a myopic refractive error […]

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ORTHO-K Lenses: What is Orthokeratology?

A young girl in a white shirt putting an ortho-k lens in her left eye.

If you’ve never heard of orthokeratology or ortho-k lenses, you’re in for a treat. Orthokeratology (ortho-k) is a non-surgical treatment that aims to correct refractive errors in vision, such as myopia. It involves using custom-fitted contact lenses your child wears while they sleep to reshape their cornea. Not only can ortho-k lenses help you see […]

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Lipiflow Treatment & Dry Eye Relief

A man sitting at a desk in an office with his laptop and holding his glasses in his right hand as he rubs his eyes.

Most people think of dry eyes as a temporary discomfort caused by minor environmental factors, like being in a dry or dusty area or staring at a computer screen for an extended period. However, dry eye disease can be persistent and debilitating—especially for those affected by evaporative dry eye disease. Treatments for dry eye, like […]

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IPL Dry Eye Treatment & Relief

A woman with dry eyes rubs her eyes as she sits in front of a laptop.

Dry eye disease is a common condition that occurs when your tears are insufficient to provide lubrication, hydration, or nourishment to the eyes. It results in symptoms like stinging, burning, eye redness, and blurry vision.  Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy effectively treats dry eyes and provides comfort and relief. But what is IPL exactly, and […]

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Can Dry Eyes Cause Blurriness?

If you’ve ever felt like there’s a burning, gritty, or dry sensation in your eye, you may be experiencing dry eye syndrome. This is a common condition that can lead to irritation and discomfort. But can it cause blurriness? Dry eye syndrome affects your tears, which are needed for your eye to be protected, hydrated, and […]

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Myopia Control: Management & Treatment

Screen time and close-up work have become a major part of our daily lives. And while evidence of the connection between screen time and myopia, or nearsightedness, is mixed, there’s no denying myopia is becoming a more common condition worldwide. As a parent, you want to support your child’s healthy vision, and for kids with […]

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CTV London Back to School Segment at Central Optometry

Central Optometry was featured tonight on the CTV London news with a featured back to school segment. See the video segment, here. According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO), over 25% of all school age children in the country have vision problems. That’s a troubling statistic considering that studies compiled by CAO show nearly […]

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