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When you choose to get your glasses from Central Optometry, you are getting more than just gorgeous frames that suit your style. You’re getting a high-quality product, carefully selected by our expert team and made with care and attention to detail.

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Complimentary Frame Consultations

Our team of trained opticians and optometric assistants would love to help you find the perfect frames for your new look. Not only will our team of friendly experts help you decide which frames best suit your style and personality, but they will also explain the benefits offered by each lens style and brand, and help you select lenses that best suit your situation.

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We know choosing the right lens can be an important and sometimes overwhelming decision. Check out our lens selector below to help simplify the process!

Are you looking for new frames that capture your unique personality, or new lenses to help you experience life to the fullest? Central Optometry offers affordable frames for the whole family.